Publication Type: Journal Article

Service-Oriented Infrastructure for Resilient DDDAS-based Cyber Battle Management

Cluster Computing: (Impact Factor 2016 : 1.514) to appear in 2018, 2018
Cihan Tunc and Erik Blasch and Youakim Badr and Salim Hariri

Configuring a Trusted Cloud Service Model for Smart City Exploration Using Hybrid Intelligence

International Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence, 8(3): 21, 2017
Manash, Sarkar and Banerjee, Soumya and Badr, Youakim and Arun Kumar, Sangaiah
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Unstructured Data Integration through Automata-Driven Information Extraction

International Journal of Computer Science and Business Informatics, 2(1): 1—14, 2013
Abi Assaf, Maroun and Barbar, Kablan and Badr, Youakim and Rammal, Mahmoud
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Choquet-based multi-criteria decision making with objective and subjective information

Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, 30(2): 773—781, 2016
Xia, Meimei and Zhang, Runtong and Badr, Youakim
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Towards Lean Service Bus Architecture for Industrial Integration Infrastructure and Pull Manufacturing Strategies

Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 23(1): 125—139, 2010
Zayati, Ahlem and Biennier, Frédérique and Moalla, Mohamed and Badr, Youakim
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The Integration of Corporate Security Strategies in Collaborative Business Processes

IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 4(3): 243—254, 2011
Badr, Youakim and Biennier, Frederique and Tata, Samir

Analysis of the Pen Pressure and Grip Force Signal During Basic Drawing Tasks: The Timing and Speed Changes Impact Drawing Characteristics

Computers in Biology and Medicine, 87: 124—131, 2017
Gatouillat, Arthur and Dumortier, Antoine and Perera, Subashan and Badr, Youakim and Gehin, Claudine and Sejdić, Ervin

LinkedWS: A novel Web services discovery model based on the Metaphor of “social networks”

Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 19(1): 121—132, 2011
Maamar, Zakaria and Wives, Leandro Krug and Badr, Youakim and Elnaffar, Said and Boukadi, Khouloud and Faci, Noura

Automatic Image Description Based on Textual Data

Journal on Data Semantics VII, 4244: 196—218, 2006
Badr, Youakim and Chbeir, Richard
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Collaborative Business and Enterprise Urbanization: Towards a Production-Oriented Urbanization Strategy

International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems, 5(1): 9—33, 2009
Sliman, Layth and Biennier, Frédérique and Badr, Youakim
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