Towards a Framework for Weaving Social Networks Principles into Web Services Discovery

In Proceedings of the International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics, 2011
Maamar, Zakaria and Faci, Noura and Badr, Youakim and Wives, Leandro Krug and dos Santos, Pédro Bispo and Benslimane, Djamal and de Oliveira, José Palazzo Moreira
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Analysis of the Pen Pressure and Grip Force Signal During Basic Drawing Tasks: The Timing and Speed Changes Impact Drawing Characteristics

Computers in Biology and Medicine, 87: 124—131, 2017
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Service-Oriented Infrastructure for Resilient DDDAS-based Cyber Battle Management

Cluster Computing: (Impact Factor 2016 : 1.514) to appear in 2018, 2018
Cihan Tunc and Erik Blasch and Youakim Badr and Salim Hariri

Evaluating Decision Analytics from Mobile Big data using Rough Set Based Ant Colony

In Mastorakis, George and Mavromoustakis, Constandinos (ed.): Data Science and Big Data: An Environment of Computational Intelligence, {publisher}: (to appear in 2018), 2018
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Open source cloud management platforms and hypervisor technologies: A review and comparison

In SoutheastCon, 2016
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Verifiable and Resource-Aware Component Model for IoT Devices

In The International Conference on Management of Digital EcoSystems (MEDES), 2017
Gatouillat, Arthur and Badr, Youakim
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Predictive Modeling of the Severity/Progression of Alzheimer’s Diseases

In IEEE International Conference on Grey Systems and Intelligent Services, 2017
Qiu, Robin G and Qiu, Jason L and Badr, Youakim
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Enabling Risk Management for Smart Infrastructures with an Anomaly Behavior Analysis Intrusion Detection System

In IEEE International Workshops on Foundations and Applications of Self* Systems (FAS*W), 2017
Pacheco, Jesus and Zhu, Xiaoyang and Badr, Youakim and Hariri, Salim
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QoS-Driven Self-Adaptation for Critical IoT-Based Systems

In Workshop on Adaptive Service-oriented and Cloud Applications (ASOCA), 2017
Gatouillat, Arthur and Badr, Youakim and Massot, Bertrand
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A Continuous Query Language for Stream-based Artifacts

In 28th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA), 2017
Abi Assaf, Maroun and Badr, Youakim and Youssef Amghar
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