Big Data Infrastructures and Programming Paradigms
Hadoop, Apache Spark, NoSQL, newSQL
2015-2017 Lecture (16 h) gaduate
Smart City (smart services)
Manage urban Big data, cloud computing, open data, mobile development (using the Problem-based Learning model)  …
2014-2017 Projet (16 h) undergraduate
Cyber-security in Extended Information Systems
Identity Management, Access control, Blockchains, Smart Contracts…
2015-2017 Lecture (16 h) gaduate
Offensive[1] and Defensive Security
DDoS, SQL injections, DNS attacks, Buffer Overflow, PennTest (Metasploit, Wireshark), firewall (Stormshield)…
2016-2017 Lab project (12 h) undergraduate
Network Programming
 TCP/IP, UDP, multicast, broadcast, mutli-threading, HTTP, …
2006-2017 Lab project (12 h) undergraduate
Methods to Design and Deploy Network Architectures and Services
IP address plan, DHCP, routing, VPN, DNS, virtualization, …
2016-2017 Lab project (12 h)  undergraduate

[1] Using the Askcypert Simulation Platform (Cyber-Security-As-a-Service): www.askcypert.com